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  • Bow tie & handkerchief (official donation receipt of $ 20) - less than 100 bow ties in stock
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You will have the opportunity to set your own challenge in honor of a man affected by prostate cancer.

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BOWVEMBER Happy Hour - PROCURE Gourmet Box (sold only in Canada)

Please complete 1 order / form per delivery address

PROCURE Gourmet Box including the following Quebec products:

- 1 Bowvember 2020 bow tie and pocket-handkerchief created by Philippe Dubuc
- 1 jar of blue PROCURE maple cotton candy
- 1 jar of maple and sriracha flavored popcorn
- 1  Porc-épique sausage
- 1 box of Guérande salt crackers
- 1 double Tortillard cheese
- 2 bags of mini maple meringues
- 2 Broken 7 beers or without beers
** Option - you can replace the sausage with a caramel with fleur de sel **